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There are a few threads with topics of great interest that I keep track of via the subscription option.

The benefits are being notified of someone posting to the subscribed thread without having to peruse the site, or search, for the topic or discussion. It's a way of streamlining a users activity on site. F5 will refresh the present screen, but only if online ... when logged off, if you have selected email notification, the user will get an email.

There is no option available to users or the management to "see" what members have subscribed to "which" threads.

The forum default setting for subscriptions is no notification. Each user can select other options for notification, whether by instant, daily or weekly notifications via email. Those options will appear when, and if, they choose to subscribe to a particular thread.

Again, subscription to threads is entirely optional ... the forum software does not, and cannot, subscribe anyone to a thread by itself. Only the user/member can do that.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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