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I recently made a little mental catalogue of my sheet music collection. Its an odd one. I've probably played less than .25% of the pieces in my collection, as I'm a terrible site reader, but I really want to dig into it some day. I have this compulsion to keep expanding, so after I've listed what I have, I'll list what I want to have.

-Tisdale's Virginal Book: A compilation of Elizebethan Keyboard Music by the likes of Dowland, Byrd, Bull, Tisdale(whoever he was), anonymous and so on. I like the set, its not so overwhelming like the Fitzwilliam book.

-An old compilation recently remade by my teacher on the website Lulu called Keyboard Music from the Baroque to the Roccoco: Its basically a good sampling of various composers from Byrd and Frescobaldi to Benda and CPE Bach, excluding Bach and Handel.

-A baroque compilation edited by Denis Agay: similar to the one above but not as extensive in obscure composers

-Scarlatti Sonatas edited by Ralph Kirkpatrick: a decent selection of Scarlatti Sonatas

-Another Scarlatti edition, not as good both in pieces, quantity, and editing

-Bach Keyboard transcriptions of various composers: about half of the transcriptions that Bach did of the likes of Vivaldi, Telemann, and others

-Bach Inventions and Sinfonia edited by Williard Palmer: has all the trills written in variou

-Complete Well Tempered Clavier: not sure which edition, but its really nice and has a white cover

-Bach French Suites

-Telemann complete Keyboard Fantasias: really like these pieces, very fun to play around with

-WF Bach complete sonatas: paper back but nice white cover, well edited

-CPE Bach sonatas with varied reprises, dover edition: really nice and playable set

-Several other CPE Bach sets

-Classical Period compilation edited by Dennis Agay

-Really skimpy collection of over edited Haydn sonatas in this one volume

-Complete Mozart sonatas, paperback

-A collection of Clementi sonatas: green paperback

-Clementi Gradus Ad Parnassum-custom edition from Lulu

-Beethoven Sonatas volume one

-Miscellaneous Beethoven pieces in one green volume: bagatelles, moonlight sonata, diabelli variations, pathetique, ect.

-Schubert piano pieces: moments musical, impromptus, stuff of the sort

-Schumann Kinderszenen: very edited edition

-Chopin: miscellaneous pieces in this volume, not the best of Chopin

-Liszt/Beethoven symphony transcriptions, 1-5: I don't know what I'm doing with this

-Brahms op. 10 Ballades

-Stephen Heller Preludes: cool composer, sort of like Chopin-lite

-Chabrier complete piano works: paperback

-Lyadov, I think its either the op. 39 or 40 set

-Eric Satie, complete Gnossienes

-Debussy, popular easier piano works

-Scriabin complete Poems

-Medtner complete skazki(fairy tales): you'd better believe it!

-Alexander Tcherepnin op. 5 Bagatelles

-And a few collections of popular classics throughout the repertoire


And now for the works that I desire in approximately chronological order

-Carlos Seixas keyboard sonatas(I have my teacher to help me with this one)

-WF Bach Polonaises

-John Field Nocturnes

-Chopin Nocturnes

-Alkan, his lighter pieces

-Brahms op. 76, 79

-Balakirev piano pieces, miscellaneous, Mazurkas, and nocturnes

-Scriabin Mazurkas

-Faure nocturnes and barcarolles

-Shostakovich Preludes and Fugues

-Mompou: Canzion I Danza and others like it

Any help with editions of these works? Any recommendations based on my tastes and abilities?

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I think you need more Schumann and the second volume of Beethoven Sonatas.
There were some Schumann pieces I really liked a while ago that were not Kreisleriana or Carnival, not nearly as hard. Do you have any recommendations in Schumann for pieces apart from those two I just mentioned?

As for Beethoven, my teacher has been nagging at me to acquire this essential.

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A volume of Chopin preludes, nocturnes and waltzes. Or for the more advanced reader Mazurkas and Polonaises.
A henle full collection of Haydn sonatas. A lot of these sonatas are easy to read AND world-class music.

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A volume of Chopin preludes, nocturnes and waltzes. Or for the more advanced reader Mazurkas and Polonaises.
A henle full collection of Haydn sonatas. A lot of these sonatas are easy to read AND world-class music.
I'll go for the Haydn eventually, but the thing is, I don't want to touch any Chopin but the nocturne form anytime soon. Its not that I dislike Chopin, its just that I'd rather play other music. That is, unless there is a Chopin piece I just fall in love with.
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