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Originally posted by daniel@Jul 26 2004, 03:49 PM
Yes in suites you must imagine that every piece has his own character: Allemande means "German" dance, Courante= the "Running one"..... I love suites, Bach and especially Rameau! He is awesome. He integrated other charactical pieces like "the hen" .....

By the way. Composing a Suite is also a very nice thing. You will study this suite structure which is really rare done today. I tried that out and wrote one, maybe i could post it here....
I'm very interested in learning about suites. I think that's probably the kind of music I would enjoy most to compose. I love Bach's first two Orchestral Suites! The only piece I've heard by Rameau is the "Tamborin" but that is one of my favorite Baroque pieces.
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