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Tchaikovsky's Romeo & Juliet recordings

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I saw this overture live a few weeks ago. It was my first concert and the first piece of the night, it blew me away. Since then I've been looking for a good quality recording of it. I have Solti with CSO playing it and now I have just heard Karajan with BPO. After the live performance the Solti version just doesn't sound powerful enough to me, it doesn't kick enough in the loud parts. The Karajan version is better but still seems a bit lacking to me.

I've tried to search the forum but I haven't found many recording recommendations for this particular piece. So, is there a powerful and well recorded version I should hear?
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I don't know if you and I would be looking for the same thing(s) out of this work, if the first adjective that comes to your mind when seeking out a rendition of this is "powerful," but my "go-to" version of this piece is Stokowski-Philadelphia Orchestra.
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