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I have done this many times. Sometimes I contact the performers, sometimes the record company, and a few times the producer. Most recently I wrote to Chandos expressing delight with the Hollywood Soundstage CD. Years ago when the Schmidt 4th came out on Chesky I wrote the producer and got a really nice letter back. Years ago when I was quite young and I wrote to Lorin Maazel after hearing a live concert with the Cleveland Orchestra. He wrote back a very nice letter encouraging me to keep my ears opens and support live, classical music. I still have that letter. But the single most astouding thing was writing to Teldec expressing my delight at the recent set of Beethoven symphonies with Harnoncourt. A few months later I got a box in the mail from Teldec - and there was the new set of Beethoven piano concerto, Missa Solemnis, overtures and other Harnoncourt items - all for free! Yes, writing to performers and record companies is a good thing!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts