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The anti-bucket list

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A bucket list is a list of experiences someone wants to have at some point in their life (originally by the time of your last breath - kicking the bucket, hence the name). On another site someone started an anti-bucket list - things many people like to do or get, and you have zero interest in it, or are even completely against the idea for yourself. Shall we try it? Maybe best to keep it at one per post, and share a bit more why it is on your anti-bucket list.

OP goes first, so...

Getting a tattoo. No way. Even aside from the aspect that it the process is painful and the result permanent (save for extensive treatments), I absolutely see no point in it.
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Ditto on getting a tattoo. "An attractive tattoo" is the perfect oxymoron.
Visit Las Vegas
Go bungee jumping
Watch an episode of Mrs.Browns Boys
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Irish goodbye Meaning & Origin | Slang by

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Slán abhaile, Sasanach - ;)
Indeed. As a soon-to-be "plastic Paddy" I too take profound offence at this. Admittedly I always preferred Murphy's myself, though........!
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