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The anti-bucket list

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A bucket list is a list of experiences someone wants to have at some point in their life (originally by the time of your last breath - kicking the bucket, hence the name). On another site someone started an anti-bucket list - things many people like to do or get, and you have zero interest in it, or are even completely against the idea for yourself. Shall we try it? Maybe best to keep it at one per post, and share a bit more why it is on your anti-bucket list.

OP goes first, so...

Getting a tattoo. No way. Even aside from the aspect that it the process is painful and the result permanent (save for extensive treatments), I absolutely see no point in it.
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1 Give you up
2 Let you down
3 Run around
4 Desert you
5 Make you cry
6 Say goodbye
7 Tell a lie
8 Hurt you
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Odd food.
(this came up on my social media)
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Is Lutefisk that malodorous fish pickled or fermented or something in a jar? I've never had it but I saw someone eat it on a TV programme and they didn't keep it down.
Surströmming. Fermented herring.
Too late for my anti-bucket list or indeed my bucket list. I love it.
Never heard of Pizza strips or American Goulash. Someone is having a great joke here. Perhaps they are public school lunchroom creations. Chop Suey, is indeed and American favorite that actually has quite a history.
The Hidden, Magnificent History of Chop Suey - Gastro Obscura (
I don't know what most of those things in my post are.
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I absolutely love the German version of potato pancakes (it's one of my favorite foods). They are very simple. Potatoes and an onion are grated, an egg or two added and a bit of flour or oatmeal to make it a bit smoother and take up excess liquid and than baked/fried in a pan and served with applesauce.
(Pretty close to the Eastern Jewish "latkes", it's probably a common dish to most potato-eating cultures...)
Placki Ziemniaczane or Placki kartoffelen they are called in Poland / Pomorze, Pomerania.
Yeah, same batter as latkes but flat and crispy instead of smooth. I can just about manage 8 days of placki but I can't face one latke just thinking about all that grease, even though there's probably more in the placki than the latkes.
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