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The anti-bucket list

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A bucket list is a list of experiences someone wants to have at some point in their life (originally by the time of your last breath - kicking the bucket, hence the name). On another site someone started an anti-bucket list - things many people like to do or get, and you have zero interest in it, or are even completely against the idea for yourself. Shall we try it? Maybe best to keep it at one per post, and share a bit more why it is on your anti-bucket list.

OP goes first, so...

Getting a tattoo. No way. Even aside from the aspect that it the process is painful and the result permanent (save for extensive treatments), I absolutely see no point in it.
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Take a cruise ... the idea of being on a ship with 2000+ (and usually a LOT more) people where the primary things to do are eat and be herded around various shore-based tourist traps ... no thank you!
It would be good to go on one just to cause havoc. Like wandering off from the tours and turning up back at the boat a day later worse for wear. Maybe with a few local 'mates' in tow. My late mother went on a med and near middle-east cruise though and she thought it was excellent.

Things I have no desire to do:

Go to Santiago de Compostela. Who can go to these places now that they're a postmodern 'must'?

On the whole though I'd probably do a lot of things I can't do because of either finances or opportunity or whatever.
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Body studs, especially those through the tongue, as my niece has. What a faff, just eating. It seems barbaric.
I don't like tattoos either. My Scottish grandfather had one - he lived in a seaport, and he was born before 1900, so it just seemed quaint & tacky to me. There's no way I can adjust to seeing a tattoo as sophisticated or chic.
It's some time ago now, but a great friend of mine had a tongue piercing and he had to take it out when eating. I remember also that after the piercing the tongue swelled and as it calmed down the barbell stud was too long and rapped against his teeth, which probably wasn't good for the enamel. So he got a shorter one. Apparently all completely normal in the life of a tongue piercing. I just wondered why he had it at all. Since it seemed, as you say, such a 'faff'.

It's not always right to suggest possible motives, though I suspect he did it in search of both acceptance and to push his own boundaries. He had a parochial upbringing, but was at art school among 'bright young things' type people. I actually met him about 10 years ago in Italy of all places, long after he emigrated to New Zealand. I never asked him if he still had it!
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I'm just checking... Is everyone making a clear distinction between commonly-mentioned 'before you die' things they just don't find important in general and things that have fallen to the rank of less important due to inability?

I'll openly say that I'd like to do some things, but there's either a financial or physical obstacle. I'm still just young enough to do something like a mountain climb (I've done a couple in the past), but the idea of sleeping in a tent in a freak blizzard now feels less like an exciting adventure and more like a nuisance. Also I don't think I could a proper trip to do it. I've refused a lot of 'corporate' work throughout my life, which means I've earned less money, but my conscience is clear. So in some cases it's a financial impediment, where I'd rather use what money I have to do things where I might not break my neck.

With things like a tattoo, I've never really had the urge for one, but some little tattoo might be okay and what does it matter because you pass on and your body fades away. Imagine the undertakers finding this tucked away on your person:
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Is it because they serve boiled sweets and orange cordial during the intermission?
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Bit weird. I don't think they're members here.
I like endives au jambon. Well I did, but I don't eat meat very much now.

'Chocolate covered bacon' is absurd!
Is Lutefisk that malodorous fish pickled or fermented or something in a jar? I've never had it but I saw someone eat it on a TV programme and they didn't keep it down.
Does Ulster Fry have potato cakes then? I'm thinking that's what's under the sausages.
Those are potato farls - They're mashed potatoes and flour that are mixed into a dough that is then rolled out into a circle a little less than an inch - like a flat bread - which is then cut into either 4 quarters (NI) or 6 triangles (Ireland) - The farls are then placed into a frying pan with butter and turned on both sides until they're golden brown.
Aha. That's a potato cake in the north of England! Also known as 'tater scones' or 'tattie scones' over the border in Scotland.
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I looked through that garbage bucket list I perused last time and came to this bizarre one....

20. Be a tourist in your own city

As my home City is Manchester (England) I think I've seen enough of the City without having someone giving me a guided tour of it or just walking round it in a tourist capacity. Why would I possibly need or want to be a tourist in my home city? Of all the bucket list items I've seen up to now this has got to be the stupidest.

To be fair though even in our home cities/towns there are things we don't know about, or think we know but they're something else entirely. A lot of things fade into the background because we 'see' them all the time.
Next up go for an Air BnB in your own house or do your own job for a day. :rolleyes:
😂 I can imagine someone even making money out of that and some people fool enough to pay them for it.
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As I'm on holiday tomorrow I booked an Air BnB with a guy called Merl to stay in his house. Cheeky bugger charged me £500 for two days. I'm gonna make a complaint against him. House seems good, though, and he's left me some great music to listen to. ;):rolleyes:
Remember though if you bargain down the price you'll be getting a lot less profit from yourself to yourself.
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