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The anti-bucket list

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A bucket list is a list of experiences someone wants to have at some point in their life (originally by the time of your last breath - kicking the bucket, hence the name). On another site someone started an anti-bucket list - things many people like to do or get, and you have zero interest in it, or are even completely against the idea for yourself. Shall we try it? Maybe best to keep it at one per post, and share a bit more why it is on your anti-bucket list.

OP goes first, so...

Getting a tattoo. No way. Even aside from the aspect that it the process is painful and the result permanent (save for extensive treatments), I absolutely see no point in it.
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Being a curmudgeonly, almost 71-year old, my anti-bucket list is very long. A few items on that list:

Get a tattoo. My dad got one when he was in the Army, 1943-45. I think he got it in Hawaii. It was my mom’s name and he had it done on his shoulder. No thanks.

Get a piercing

Attend any kind of live non-classical music concert or event, including small clubs, etc.

Attend a professional or college (or any level) sporting event. At one time I was a serious Dodgers fan and attended dozens of games through the years. But I gave up on major league baseball years ago given all the ridiculous changes. And major league games are a circus with the absurdly loud and crappy rock music played between innings, seriously unruly fan behavior, etc. A side note: the two most notable Dodgers games I attended: August 14, 1965, Sandy Koufax pitching 10 innings of shutout ball against the Pirates and he himself scoring the winning run in the bottom of the tenth on a line drive hit by Jim Gilliam and dropped by Roberto Clemente; October 15, 1988, first game of the 1988 World Series (Gibson home run).

Any event with teeming masses of people…being in Times Square on New Year’s Eve is a good nominee for the tenth ring of Hell.

Bungee jumping


See a Regietheater opera or play or anything
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Dude how can you possibly not be liking baseball ⚾ these days? Your Dodgers have fielded good to great teams in recent seasons, they’ve banned the shift, the pitcher’s shot clock (which should’ve happened back when basketball started theirs) is here and the holy grail arrives next season when the computers start calling pitches! Those words of so many lamentations the “called strike” shall be forevermore cast out from the lexicon of the game. FWIW: 71 years old eyes should appreciate them enlarging the size of the bases 🏟 and it’s Opening Day on Thursday.
I think I shall say, going on a cruise will be on my anti-bucket list.

I know several women who seem to enjoy them when they're older, but one of my friends has just come back with a debilitating viral infection and says she will go on no more. I am worried about her, and have read often enough of epidemics of sickness striking cruise ships.

But the other thing is, I don't like being 'trapped' with a load of people who are much more sociable than me (I'm shy!) & I'd rather not be confronted with delicious things to eat all the time. So no thank you.
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