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Tchaikovsky: Really like it. Stubborn, almost simplistic, grit-your-teeth-and-fight symphony. Heroic, which I always love.
Mahler: One of my Mahler favourites. Infinite listening value, it remains ever interesting.
Bruckner: My favourite symphony in the world.
Schubert: The cutest symphony I know, it makes me smile!
Sibelius: Wow! I listen to this more than any other work by Sibelius. Like Mahler, infinite listening value.
Shostakovich: Really like this one. Heroic or faux-heroic? Doesn't matter, being something-like-heroic is enough!
Prokofiev: Have been trying to get into this but hasn't clicked thus far.
Nielsen: It puzzles me.
Dvořák: Mellow and soft but not sugary. Fresh like a spring day. Maybe not super deep but I love it.
Mendelssohn: Triumphant and jubilant, a bit like a national anthem. I'm perhaps a bit ashamed that I like it so much!
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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