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The Five Symphony No.5 Challenge

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5: Beethoven's Fifth is considered a keystone of classical music by the world at large. And many composers since Beethoven have paid homage to Beethoven by making their own No. 5 a cut above their other symphonies.

5: For any composer to write a symphony is a monumental achievement. But to write five, one more than even Brahms wrote, makes one a SYMPHONIST.

5: The challenge for EVERY one on this thread is to know at least 5 Symphony no.5's on this list. If you already know 5, get to know at least one more!

In your post, indicate which ones you already knew and which one(s) you'll be exploring. Any discussion is appreciated...Which symphonies have made a big impact on you?


Tchaikovsky (182)
Mahler (145)
Bruckner (100)
Schubert (97)
Sibelius (97)
Shostakovich (95)
Prokofiev (70)
Nielsen (43)
Vaughan Williams (31)
Dvořák (27)
Mendelssohn (15)
Martinů (10)
Honegger (9)
Arnold (7)
Hartmann (4)
Henze (4)
Schuman (4)
Antheil (3)
Bax (3)
Spohr (3)
Silvestrov (2)
Maxwell Davies
Others I'm sure I missed

(Parentheses Indicate how many different recordings were available when I looked on recently)

PS Yes, I understand there are composers of symphonies who didn't number them in the traditional sense. They weren't included, for the sake of simplicity. Feel free to include them in your comments.
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There are so many amazing fifth ones:

Symphonies I know very well:

Schubert, Mendelssohn, Bruckner (favorite), Saint-Saëns (including his early two unnumbered examples 'Urbs Roma' and Symphony in A minor, the famous 'Organ' symphony would be his Nr 5), Tchaikovsky (favorite), Dvorák, Mahler, Nielsen (favorite), Glazunov, Sibelius (favorite), Vaughan Williams (favorite), Atterberg (favorite), Martinu (favorite), Prokofiev (favorite), Tubin (favorite), Shostakovich (favorite), Simpson, Arnold (favorite), Yoshimatsu.

Symphonies I've listened to but not enough:

Spohr, Raff, Rubinstein, Parry, Huber, Stanford, Weingartner, Ropartz, Gretchaninov, Peterson-Berger, Tournemire, Alfvén, Melartin, Miaskovsky, Malipiero, Bax, Villa-Lobos, Honegger, Milhaud, Langgaard, Piston, Lyatoshinsky, Hindemith's Symphony in B flat for concert band (it would be his Nr. 5), Hanson, Chávez, Rubbra, Shebalin, Alwyn, Creston, Schuman, Hovhaness, Englund, Pettersson, Lloyd, Weinberg, Mennin, Braga Santos, Rautavaara, Penderecki, Schnittke, Sallinen.

Symphonies I haven't listened to, but I want to explore:

Glass (Louis), Brun, Wellesz, Antheil, Krenek, Toch, Ivanovs, Guarnieri, Kabelác, Panufnik, Diamond, Henze, Norgard, Silvestrov, Aho, Sumera.
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