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So some of you who have been here for a long time might remember that mamascarlatti and amfortas have done three installments of the 30-Day opera challenge. I have decided to do a fourth installment. So, without further adieu, the opera challenge info:
There are 30 questions, one for each day starting today. Please answer as many questions as you can over the course of the 30 days. If you start after the first day, do not start from the beginning of the list. Instead, please start with the question for that day. Pictures and videos can be posted as part of your responses.

And now... The OFFICIAL question list!

1. Best opening scene.
2. Aria you think is scary.
3. Best purely instrumental moment (aside from overtures/preludes).
4. Smartest opera character.
5. Classic movie that should be made into an opera.
6. Favorite opera director.
7. Opera that best illustrates Murphy's Law (whatever can go wrong, will go wrong).
8. Best seduction scene.
9. Opera composer most likely to win in a bar fight.
10. Best suicide.
11. Opera house you've visited most.
12. Best a cappella moment.
13. Superhero who would make the best subject for an opera.
14. Opera with the best music (forgetting the libretto).
15. Which opera role would you most like to play?
16. Best magical/supernatural moment.
17. Two characters from different operas who were made for each other.
18. Best unfinished opera.
19. Role you wish a favorite singer would attempt. (Please include the favorite singer.)
20. Best use of opera in pop culture.
21. Dumbest opera character.
22. Opera with the hardest stage effect to bring off successfully. (Please specify the stage effect.)
23. Which opera has been best represented in DVD productions?
24. Best moment of complete silence.
25. Italian, French, German, Eastern European (Russian, Czech, and Hungarian), or English opera?
26. Best opera curse.
27. Current event that should be made into an opera.
28. Funniest moment in an opera.
29. Career advice you would give to one particular singer.
30. Most disappointing opera ending.
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