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The Met Saturday Morning Broadcasts are back.....

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Starting this Saturday at 10 pst, 1:00 est
Opening broadcast.....

December 10, 2022
Kevin Puts’ The Hours

New Production/Met Premiere
Yannick Nézet-Séguin; Renée Fleming (Clarissa Vaughan), Kelli O’Hara (Laura Brown), Joyce DiDonato (Virginia Woolf), Kathleen Kim (Barbara / Mrs. Latch), Sylvia D’Eramo (Kitty / Vanessa), Denyce Graves (Sally), John Holiday (Man Under the Arch / Hotel Clerk), William Burden (Louis), Sean Panikkar (Leonard Woolf), Kyle Ketelsen (Richard), Brandon Cedel (Dan Brown)

Discuss them here :)
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I listened to the Putt's The Hours broadcast.
While i found the first 20 or so minutes unteresting
it got old quickly after that.
Anyone else hear it?
Yes. When I heard coffee sung for the 4th or fifth time I gave up.

Rigaletto next. I enjoyed the cinema broadcast earlier this year. Should be good.
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I saw Fedora in sunny Bracknell (not sunny).

I enjoyed it a lot. It looked pretty, the orchestra was good and the music, singing and acting worked well together. The plot was melodramatic and a little silly.

A "chocolate box" opera - an evening's entertainment and not much more. Kind of like what going to the movies is about.

Not every opera has to change the world.

Glad I saw it, but don't feel the need to see it again in a hurry.
I thought the "dule" between De Sriiex & Lady Olga in the 2nd act was funny.

Here we have 2 characters in opera indulging in the equivalent of a "rap battle" or "dis tracks".

What we think is shiny and new, has in fact been done before (and operatically to boot).

I'm imagining gangs of youths challenging each other to operatic did duels on windy street corners.
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