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The Non-Classical 'I'm Currently Listening To...' Topic

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I thought this forum deserved a 'Currently Listening To...' topic, so here it is!

Now Playing: Octavarium by Dream Theater (24 minutes of sheer genius!)
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Mors Vincit Omnia

Live at Maxwell’s, Hoboken N.J. A tour de force live session for Kristin Hersh. It came as part of a limited edition release of Throwing Muses album Red Heaven. Brilliant stuff. 😎
Cosmic psychosis...

Destroyer: Ken (2017)

Ken is the eleventh studio album by Canadian indie rock band Destroyer. The previous two got my 'essential' stamp recently, moving on to the next. First spin. There is a change in style and production that I will need to get used to.
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That which is tragic and timeless...

"Trichurch of Katehon" is an immersive ambiental journey into the distant world, where colossal shrines resonate of hymns to the Supreme One. Ancient hieropriests of Katehon lament and rejoice upon ethereal soundscapes, echoing through the Sky-Atrium. The traveller enters the Citadel of Azun, a thousand-year old giant citadel-church, built to honor the path of the Righteous. Empty halls, from which the Forgotten Kings once ruled the Dominion, now serve as sacred places of worship. Soulships are arriving from the north bringing the "Last One-hundred", group of remaining pilgrims who visit from the distant places, to pay homage to the ancient Force.

I must say, I enjoy Frenchman Dehn Sora's work with Treha Sektori just as much as his work with Throane, amazing musician that can do both ambient and metal with seemingly great ease...

"This album was formally composed for live performances, with the overbearing urge of facing eyes, to live through them. Imagined as a burden to carry, a day we didn’t expect, and a final step that is unknown. No way to unload what is on our shoulders. Acceptance is the only way to trace a new path. Peaceful times with hard thoughts. Rough moments with joyful feelings. saveh erh anth ah erah leh, We will save what ties our throats. deverh ah temehera. koreska enh, We will remember in our hands, the day when we lost."

A Winged Victory for the Sullen: Invisible Cities (2021)

Invisible Cities is the fourth studio album by ambient music duo A Winged Victory for the Sullen. I found their first very good, the second somewhat disappointing and the third essential - tine now for the first spin of their latest effort. First reaction: it continues where The Undivided Five stopped. Sounds promising.
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Babatunde Olatunji: Love Drum Talk

Font Tints and shades Music Darkness Photo caption

This album is all about the infectious rhythms of African music. The lyrics of the songs leave a lot to be desired but it is not about that. The vocals and harmonies also lend to the atmosphere on the album.
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