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I was listening whit my ipods to my second project of dark ambient, industrial ,noise, called Usine 451, the first track is finish it's called vanished into black smoke(the track about a demon spirit i crushed and he vanished into black smoke it smell like sulfur afterward how strange), so my good friend and studio guy remastered it and put is flavor as i am a Jackson pollock of noise/ industrial/ ambient, i built the structure, the skeleton, he put is special touch make it a tad more musical since he has a background of a jazzman, i hope the album will be finish sooner are later, he work it in is spare time and he buzy guy so i understand sounds promessing this first track soundz like Z'ev meet Nurse whit wound meet tangerine dream. I promess has soon has the album finish and my other friend send it on bandcamp you will be the first , you guys of talk classical to hear it, it's a privilege for you folks, goodnight & take good care friends and followers, friendly strangers.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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