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Newbie and first post.....I have a query that I hope someone here may be able to shed some light on.

I seem to remember several years ago seeing a tv show about a musician or about music in general. In it they showed an orchastra with the first violins playing their part alone. Then the second violins played their piece alone. You heard two distinct melodies. Then they both bplayed their parts together and the final melody was a different thing again. Am I imagining this or is this part of music theory.

It seems logical in that music data compression algorithms work on principle that certain sounds mask others and so they can be removed to allow lossy compresion. Anyway, I'm looking for as much info or direction in to areas where I can read about this and what composers use it the best effect.....also whether quartets or small groups of instruments would function same way.

Thanks for all and any help on this.

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