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Too much numerous, expansive and varied listening?

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I have been wondering sometimes whether or not I got greater kicks from classical music when I concentrated more on fewer composers and works.

Those days even just one work, like the Sibelius 4th, could be life changing. Nowadays when I listen to it, I am not as thrilled by the dissonances because Mahler is full of such chord progressions. Just to give you one example. (I need to consciously change my mental state to get into the receptive Sibelius 4th mood.)

So it is harder and harder to gain the mental state of the ”innocent, open minded listener, tabula rasa.”

It is also harder to tune up for a certain composer. And composers require their own mindsets! You cannot listen to everything the same way.

In a way, greater ignorance was bliss!

Has anyone had similar experiences?

Could there be something gained from a more limited but concentrated listening? Or is wide, numerous and expansive listening a value in itself, not worth questioning?
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I don't think I have any issues being able to enjoy music from many different centuries. I still love Bach, even though I've heard plenty of Beethoven. I still like ragtime, even though I've heard Artie Shaw. I still enjoy Fats Domino, even though I've heard Led Zeppelin.

There are some things I thoroughly enjoyed in childhood that I'm not so fond of now: The Three Stooges comes to mind.
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Yes was my favourite prog band and I saw them countless times in the 1970s. I gave up after the 1980 concert at the Hammersmith Odeon in London. A good gig and a good album (Drama) but by then I'd gone as far as I wanted with them. Can't stand the later stuff. I still listen to CTTE and TFTO fairly often and Relayer will never fade. Still have a soft spot for GFTO. Heart Of The Sunrise from Fragile is a desert island track for me.....

I don't consider King Crimson a prog band, but they are one of my all time favourites, especially LTIA & ITCOTCK.
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