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Toscanini's treatment of singers (Pinza, Morgana,etc)

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This is an excerpt from the James A. Drake's interview with the coloratura soprano Nina Morgana, who was discovered by Caruso himself.

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You can get an idea from this famous recording of Toscanini attacking his double basses. Only goes two minutes. He gets utterly volcanic - Vesuvian, as Morgana so aptly said.

Toscanini DESTROYS a bass section - YouTube

Sorry, it seems I don't know how to post a YT clip, but that search will bring it up.
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How's stomping on watches, one after the other, for mental instability? How's constantly breaking his batons?
How is constantly bringing someone down with insults? Are these not signs of a man in trouble with himself?
I reckon there's a bit of Toscanini in most of us. We just don't have the talent or authority to get to express it. But how many people complain of sociopathic bosses? (Not me - I wasn't one. I hated the one job I had where I was a boss of a large staff, and I tried too hard to be liked, I realise in hindsight.)
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His nonsensical syllabic rambling straight up sounds like the devil.
Mercifully, I don't have your intimate acqaintance with the devil, so I can't comment. 🤣 It reminds me of the lovely story about 18th century English politician John Wilkes, who was on the hustings when an interjection came from the audience: "I'd rather vote for the devil than John Wilkes" The politician replied, "And what, sir, if your friend is not standing?"
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