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Toscanini's treatment of singers (Pinza, Morgana,etc)

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This is an excerpt from the James A. Drake's interview with the coloratura soprano Nina Morgana, who was discovered by Caruso himself.

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I heard an audiotape of him either rehearsing or recording something, completely losing his temper at the double basses who were dragging the tempo. I suppose fear is one way of motivating people, but I'm glad that his way of obtaining results has fallen to the wayside.

Another good book about Toscanini is his biography by Harvey Sachs, “Musician of Conscience.” It's a new one, not a second edition of the older Harvey Sachs biography, but a complete rewrite. I've started reading it, but haven't finished (yet).
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Librarians, perhaps? Really any other line of work where "star talent" isn't called for. It is a good point, though the arts can encourage people with big personalities and commensurately large egos, which might not be so prevalent in other lines of work.
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