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Translating a Medieval Song

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Can anyone do a little better than this?


Dufay Salve Flos

Salve flos Tusce gentis, Florentia, salve,
O salve, Italici gloria magna soli,
Salve, que doctos felix
Tot mater alumnos,
Tot generas magnos consilia atque fide,
Quae tot praestantes mire
Integritudine gignis,
Quae tot praestantes religione viros,
Salve, cui debet quodcumque
Est artis honestae
Ingenii quicquid quicquid
Et eloquii est.
Salve, quae fama totum diffusa per orbem
Et vehis et natos mittis ad astra tuos.
Nunc cecini et gratis voces
Placuere canore,
Praemia, mercedes nec petiere simul.
Fessus ego haud cantu,
Vos en defessa canendo,
Sed tu carminibus vive canenda meis!

Vos nunc, Etrusce iubar, salvete puellae.
Sic sedet hoc animo
Nec sine amore moror.
Stant foribus Nymphis similes, stant
Naiades utque
Aut ut Amazonides aut procidives Venus.
Fervet in amplexus atque
Oscula dulcia quisque;
Si semel has viderit, captus amore cadet.
Ista, deae mundi, vester per saecula cuncta,
Guillermus cecini natus et ipse Fay.

Dufay Hail Flower

Google Translation:

Hail, the flower of the nation, in Etruscan, Florence, Greetings to you,
O salve, the Italians the great glory of the sun,
Hello, and happy learning
Mother of many students,
The ideas and the faith of so many other kinds of large,
And surprisingly many outstanding
Integritudine gignis,
What many outstanding men of religion,
Hello, what should you
Art is honest
Whatever whatever talent
And the word is.
Hail, the report which was spread abroad through the whole world,
And to the stars and seas, and the children that you are sending your words.
Now sang and free voices
Won song,
The rewards, the reward of his Nor did they desire at the same time.
I was tired of singing,
You sing in the clutch,
But you sing my songs live!

You now, Etruscus light source, girls.
So he sits on his mind
Neither love without delay.
Nymphs like to stand at the door, stand
as Naiad
Either that or procidives Amazonides Venus.
Aglow with embraces and
Sweet one;
If only one has seen to his love for fall.
This goddess of the world, has by all ages,
And he was born, and sang in Guillermus Fay.
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