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I'm a long time lurker and 1st time poster. First, thank you ~everyone~ for teaching me sooooooo much. Before I spend $ (and generally spending WAY more than I should)... well...this board has become invaluable to me these past few years. I have learned so much from you guys. At my old age of 51, I've become absolutely consumed, dominated and mounted by the world of classical music. Only for several months now I've gotten very deep into opera and choral music. Anyway, thank you kindly my maestros.
So to chime in here...I have 3 Verdi Requiem recordings now:
Gardiner from 1992 on Philips was my first Verdi requiem purchase.
Solti from 1967 with Sutherland and Pavarotti. I DL'd from iTunes because it was labeled as a "digital master". I really loved the power and voices, but the SQ was not just not sitting well with me. I did some research here and found most people preferred the 2nd Solti release from 1977. Being that I've become a huge L. Price fan, I found the 77 Solti release reissued on Sony and on a Japan import (2016)...IT IS STINKIN AMAZING! Powerful, gorgeous, and in very nice SQ. This is my #1 although I haven't heard Reiner, Giulini and many of the others mentioned on here.

Found Giulini with Schwarzkopf and Ludwig remaster on iTunes done on Apple Digital Master. Listening to it now, I can't believe how good it sounds. I must buy it and put my good cans on and focus in on it.

Thanks again!
Yes! Solti 1977 release is my favorite and one of the reasons is the sound quality. I can't let go of the Toscanini (mono) release though. There is something about its intensity that makes it very special.
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