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Casta Diva & Oblomov

Casta Diva (Maria Callas)

Renée Fleming: Casta Diva (Bellini)

Interesting how "Casta Diva" functions as the περιπέτεια, the dramatic turn of events in Oblomov's life. He and Stolz are involved in a poetic musing about 'how it is to be married' and all of a sudden Stolz remembers Olga Sergeevna Ilinskaya, who is able to sing "Casta Diva". This is how she is introduced into the story plot by Goncharov.

Oblomov (1979) - Olga singing "Casta Diva"

Several Days in the Life of Oblomov 1979 Directed by Nikita Mikhalkov
Actors: Oleg Tabakov, Yuri Bogatirev, Andrei Popov, Elena Solovey, Vanguard Leontiev, Andrew Razumovskiy mL, Oleg Kozlov, Elena Klischevskaya, Galina Shostka Gleb Strizhenov.

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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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