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Another difference between the Wagner tuba and baritones and regular tubas is that
the Wagner tubas use the horn mouthpiece, which is much smaller than those used for tubas,baritones and trombones, is funnel shaped instead of cup shaped, and has a much thinner rim.
Richard Strauss uses Wagner tubas in his operas Elektra and Die Frau ohne Schatten and the Alpine Symphony. Arnold Schoenberg also used them in his massive oratorio Gurrelieder, as well as a number of other composers.
In Wagner's Ring, there are 8 horn parts, and periodically, horns 5-8 switch to the Wagner tubas. Bruckner did the same in his 8th and 9th symphonies. The 7th uses them only in the adagio and finale, but they do not also play horn .
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