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Wagner tubas

Yes, they are wonderfull instruments. I think the reason people don't use them more often is the name "wagner tuba" ; it makes one think of some huge instrument that can only play loudly and is just for the ring cycle.
Interestingly, Wagner didn't name them after himself. He called them tenor tuben and bass tuben ( singular "tube" ), and called the ordinary tuba a Kontrabass tuba ( if my memory serves me correctly ).
They have a great melodic part in Bruckner's seventh symphony ( second movement ), all by themselves! They're also in Bruckner's eighth and ninth, but I can never seem to spot them.
To me, wagner tubas have a dark golden sound oppose to the dark silver sound of the more usual horns. It would be nice if someone used them instead of horns in a symphony, so you could hear them more clearly.
I can't find any good soundclups of them on the net, only one by an amateur hornist who doesn't play it very well.
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