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Was Mozart and innovator?

Was Mozart an innovator?

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As the years go by I´m becoming more and more interested in Mozart´s music. Obviously he was a genius, and one of the greatest composers ever, but it´s not as clear to me if he was an innovator as a composer. I can tell why both Haydn and Beethoven were innovators and introduced new compositional aspects in the classical period, but not in Mozart´s case. In searching for this topic I´ve found opposite points of view.
So, I would like to know what people think here in TC about this. Was Mozart an innovator? Yes, no, Why? If the answer is "yes", In what senses he was? Did he introduced or developed inedit aspects in classical music´s world? Thanks by advance for your opinions! :tiphat:
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No, not really, he worked within a set tradition even if he wildly expanded some of his favourite genres. So innovative with in established genres don't really give that the composer is an innovator, Haydn was, JC and CPE Bach was!

Uh... it's pretty much widely accepted that Mozart was a huge innovator in the ways he expanded the depth and scope of the Opera artform, both musically and libretto-wise. In fact, the greats that followed like Wagner, built upon the expansions Mozart was single-handedly the architect of, and could not possibly have done what they did without Mozart's considerable improvements.

I'd be very interested to hear your thoughts on how CPE was an innovator and Mozart not. While I think most, if not all, of us can agree that JS Bach put an immeasurable stamp upon history and was a huge innovator in his own right, I fail to see how his son CPE was in any considerable such, other than perhaps for the fact that he was composing at a time in history that is generally seen as a transition or bridge from the Baroque to Classical period. Other than that, am I missing something?
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