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Watch Your Spelling !

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Here are some examples of less than great editing from newspapers :

Wanted : Editors and proff readers .
Reeding tutors needed .
New vaccine may contain rabbis .
Senate panel agrees to much sex on television .
Local man arrested for possession of heroine .
My father received a letter by special deviltry .
Marital arts studio .
Do not mumble : annunciate your words carefully .
She had been really sick and fell into a comma for six months .
Do not use washing machines for dying .
The contractor shall provide uninformed police for traffic control .
Sex should not be aloud .
They were married and lived happily even after .
Poll indicates that 53 per cent believe media offen makes mistakes .
Clark appointed pubic relations director at SMU .
Infant morality shows drop here .
Hotel burns . 200 guests escape half glad .
Uneasy clam settles over Michigan .
Socks lower in Tokyo .
Women compromise 26 per cent of town's workers .
Literacy volunteers combat problem of illieracy .
Are young Americans be getting stupider ?
The report was signed by five faulty members of the university .
The president , who has been sick for several days , is now in bed with a co-ed .
Each evening will consist of a four curse menu .
Tomorrow we may expect strong northwest winds reaching a gal in exposed places .
Hooked on phonies : Good for any age .
A skunk was found wandering among the phews of one of the village churches .
Personals column : Joesphine, please take me back . It was just a passing fanny .
Now playing : Oklahomo .
Yoko Ono will tell us about her husband John Lennon , who was killd in an interview with
Barbara Walters .

:lol: :lol: :lol:
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Some years ago an advert for a 'Shift Attendant', missing out a certain letter in the first word...
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