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Teodorico Pedrini's predecessor at the imperial court in Beijing was Tomás Pereira. Other names of western musicians in China would include Matteo Ricci, Adam Schall von Bell, and Ferdinand Verbiest, in addition to Jean Joseph-Marie Amiot, who you mention. The following conference paper, entitled "The Introduction of Western Secular and Sacred Music to China and Macao: A Historical Coda" by Cesar Guillen-Nuñez may be of interest, if you don't already know it:

As for recordings, I only know of two CDs that were put out by the Auvidis/Astrée label back in the 1990s, from the ensemble, Musique des Lumiéres, entitled (1) "Baroque Concert at the Forbidden City" and (2) "Messe des jesuites de Pekin" or "Mass of the Jesuits in Beijing": which blend baroque instruments with Chinese instruments, in the music of Pedrini & Amiot. Do you know these CDs? if not, they're fascinating:

However, evidently, there have been two more recent CDs from Musique des Lumieres from the early 2000s that I didn't know about,

--Chine:jésuites et courtisanes (Buda Records, Musique du monde, 2002), or "China: Jesuits & Courtiers"
--Vepres a la Vierge en Chine (2004)

I got the names of these latter two CDs from a blog by Stephen Jones, whose various blogs on this subject may be of interest to you (you can access Jones' blogs in the links provided at the bottom of the page in the following article by him):

(I believe there is more music to be heard from the Catholic missionaries in Mexico and Latin & South America, if that is of interest? The Hilliard Ensemble recorded a 2 CD set of this music entitled, "Spain in the New World--Renaissance music from Aragon and Mexico", and the now defunct K.617 label once did a whole series on the composer Domenico Zipoli that is excellent. As part of this series, Gabriel Garrido and Ensemble Elyma recorded the sacred music of Zipoli, who was a Jesuit priest that spent time in the territories of the Chiquitos tribes, in what is now Bolivia. I have found Zipoli's music to be very worthwhile. Jordi Savall and Hesperion XXI have also recorded Baroque music from Latin and South America.


Hope that helps.
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