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What aria is this?

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Around 1 hour into this episode, Morse is at home listening to an aria.

What is it though? Can anyone help?

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I think it's from the scene two of Don Giovanni (Mozart):
Thank you - but I had posted the wrong link before. Can you just check the new link, please?!

I'm fairly sure the piece I'm looking for is Verdi, not Mozart. Is it Falstaff?
That piece 1 hour in is very short. Is it repeated further on in the episode?
I'm sorry. If the fragment was compossed by Verdi, I'm affraid I won't be able to say anything else, because I don't like his music.

Mozart, on the other hand, I love his music with a passion.
Anyone? Really want to know!
I could be Falstaff, because it looks like that this album cover is shown:

Camera Font Poster Vintage clothing Publication
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