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Art is inspiration.

Thats a little vague, but think about it. Artists like Van Goph never sold a painting in his life. I actually went to a Van Goph exhibition this morning, and when you see his skill its just insane that he wasn't appreciaited at the time. Installations like the 'Unmade Bed' or so many of Damien Hurst's pieces are, by todays standards absolutely bizzare, but the only way to get past this is to imagine beyond our time. The main problem I have with these artists though is that I basically think that they are producing art for it to sell. Its just making a statement I think, and it doesn't really mean a lot to me.

I met an artist called Sebastian Boyle earlier this year. He produces his works under the name 'Boyle Family' and his concept of art is exactly mine. I adore their work, and if you get a chance have a look at their website:
Also if anyone is interested I can mail you my interview with him.

Here are a few extracts:
"Me- Your pieces are very provocative. What kind of reaction do you expect to get from people looking at them?

Sebastian-Now that's an important point, it sounds very arrogant but it isn't intended as it sounds. We aren't really interested in the response because we aren't doing it to please people, it would just undercut the randomness, undercut the purpose. We have a very mixed relationship with the galleries because we are very much a family - it's not easy for them to sell that. They want us to do other things."

"Me-What do you think of landscape artists like Andy Goldsworthy and do you think your work is similar to theirs?

Sebastian-No I don't because… well if he isn't do the art for him he isn't being true to himself. Some artists just make art for commercial reason, like money, and I don't believe in that. If he is doing it for the right reasons then great, but I wonder if he is. Some artists just try to make the work... well pretty.

Me-What do you think of recent years turner prize winners, like the unmade bed?

Sebastian-Ah well she didn't win with that did she? Tracy didn't win! Maybe she came second, but there isn't really a second. Well it's difficult because if they are doing the art for the right reasons then yeah it's good, but other people have done it before really so… what do you think?

Me-Well she is trying to say, everything is art so in that sense… and she is trying to get you to look at things differently, which is what I like about your work! So in that sense I like it, but it's not something I can really identify with."
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