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What Jazz Are You Listening To Now?

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I'm going to test this out here. I see quite a few members have been posting a solid bit of great Jazz listenings… So, I figured it'd be pretty cool if we could have a thread entirely dedicated to all things Jazz. And I mean anything - From the early beginnings of the late 19th century, to Bebop/Hard-Bop, to Avant-Garde, and on to the Moon.

Post whatever you want... videos, pictures, news… This is a free-range.

I've been in a Bebop/Hard-Bop dig lately, so I'll impart this cool little documentary where Bob Cranshaw talks about his time with Lee Morgan.

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Bill Evans with Marian McPartland | a conversation & demonstrations

Vesuvius, I love this thread! Tear me away from baroque and the romantics, and I'll listen to a couple of hours of jazz.

Here are four half-hour videos of a conversation between Evans and McPartland, who demonstrated how players create together to produce jazz. I suppose I'll be forever fascinated by sounds of jazz and the spontaneous intuitive recall of inventiveness during rehearsals and performances!

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Reactions: 2 is an interesting article about jazz and the Third Reich :
Got it. Thanks.

Interesting, too, is H's Very Own Hot Jazz Band; Smithsonian dot com, May 17, 2012.
Thanks, TalkingHead, for posting those absurdities; in some ways, they can be successful, temporarily. Just one more idea as my closing reference on this subject.
Actually Rhythm, I think these Nazi decrees on Jazz practices are worth posting in full, for their comic absurdity. Without wishing to exaggerate, I think that when state or governing bodies attempt to legislate over matters musical this sort of absurdity is what results. …
As a resource that connects jazz with racism, which would eliminate elements of visual and performing arts during dreaded movements, here's the Wiki piece on Degenerate music (Entartete Musik) and Degenerate art (Entartete Kunst).
TalkClassical was searched, and this video I don't think has been posted.

When I listen to jazz like this, the fascination rolls all over me! When I play jazz, or try to, it kinda sounds like two Bach inventions played simultaneously, syncopatedly :lol:.
I just gave up!

^ This Masquerade | Jazz Baltica, 2003
Pat Metheny Project & Michael Brecker

Nils Landgren: Trombone, Vocals
Michael Brecker: Tenor Saxophone
Esbjorn Svensson: Piano
Pat Metheny: Guitar
Lars Danielsson: Bass
Wolfgang Haffner: Drums​
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