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Gurnemanz's story from Act I of Parsifal should have been acted out as prologue act unto itself. In fact, since that story contains more plot than the rest of Parsifal combined, it should have been two additional acts prior to "Act I". The whole thing ought be at least 7 hours long!

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Did anybody write an opera based on the Mahabharata or the Ramayana?

Wagner had in mind Die Sieger, which was based on an Indian Buddhist story, and Philip Glass wrote Satyagraha, somehow based on Gandhi's life, but I don't have in mind anyone who wrote an opera based on the great epics of ancient India.

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for the hell of it, an opera "dream cast" :p
just for fun, the parts for some of the characters might look something like
Ned Stark: lyric baritone (though a more masculine one, like, say, Robert Merrill)
Robert Merrill

Khal Drogo: basso cantante
Samuel Ramey

Olena Tyrell: contralto (Ewa Podles would make a PERFECT Olenna!)
Ewa Podles

Khaleesi: dramatic coloratura soprano
June Anderson (a voice heroic and powerful enough to command respect....but also capable of being a little bit girly :p )

Cersei Lannister: dramatic mezzo
Maria Callas (yes, I said dramatic mezzo ideally, but the two are so damn similar)

Robb Stark: full lyric tenor
Nicolae Gedda

Tywin Lannister: dramatic baritone
Hans Hotter

a House of Cards opera wouldn't be too bad an idea. let's do a dream cast for that as well :p
Frank Underwood: basso cantante (Boris Christoff)
Claire Underwood: dramatic mezzo (Kristel Lindstat)
Zoe Barnes: lyric mezzo (Fiorenza Cossotto)
Lucas: lyric tenor (Alfredo Kraus)
Peter Russo: lyric tenor (maybe we could have a tenor mad scene for once XD)
Christina: lyric coloratura soprano (Natalie Dessay)
Doug: lyric baritone (Simon Keenlyside)
61 - 64 of 64 Posts
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