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In the past, where more skilled listeners (like PetrB, who's now left) have given critical responses to composed pieces, the OP has sometimes been hurt or offended. In one case the OP hit back - things escalated - and the OP then announced that he was leaving, in tones of high dudgeon.

Many of us - myself included - are not qualified to give analyses of music, and so avoid threads that post newly-composed music and ask for opinions. For the ones who are qualified, it may be a matter of politeness as you surmise, Manok. Maybe they fear that even constructive criticism will not go down well, based on instances such as the one cited above.

But in many cases, it may just be that you posted at a time when nobody of this sort was online, and then when they did come on, they missed it.

Anyway, don't let it put you off. Go on composing, and taking any chance that offers of presenting your piece to a non-family audience. Based on my experience of submitting pieces of fiction, and being rejected almost always, it's a jungle out there, but you might just strike lucky & be 'in the right place at the right time' to get your talent noticed.

Good luck. :tiphat:
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