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Which compsers have a small output that you can find on CD complete?

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Curious about the somewhat less popular, or less proficient composers that have been lucky enough to have their works compiled into one set, or maybe one CD if it's that limited. Thanks in advance. :)
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Some more, besides those mentioned in

  • Alma Mahler - to my knowledge, only about 14 lieder are known. All the lieder can be contained on a single CD
  • Abel Decaux - only wrote a very few piano works, including the published Clairs de Lune. Everything can be contained on one CD
  • Boris Pasternak. His entire oeuvre - songs, piano works, a choral work - can be contained on 1-2 CDs, but I'm not aware of such a project.
  • Julius Reubke's complete works (only piano and organ music has been preserved) can be bought, on 1 CD, played by Schöch.
  • Julian Scriabin's could be on less than 1 CD too.
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1 - 3 of 17 Posts