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I think the example given of VPO / Maazel is somewhat irrelevant as that cycle was made 50 years ago!

I think what we can say with certain is that the general standard of playing in orchestras round the world has immensely improved since then. Certainly the VPO were near the top of the tree then (there were Karajan's BPO) but I'm not sure about now.

In a recent poll the Gramophone made Amsterdam's Concertgebouw Orchestra the "winner" with the VPO third. Just what credibility a poll like this has is questionable at least as the judgements made ( given the general excellence of playing) are largely subjective.

As for the orchestras Nazi past this is unquestionable as Austria as a nation enthusiastically embraced the Nazis. Presumably most of the orchestra did the same. However, what is unquestionable is that today those musicians are dead or long retired! If you have sensibilities on the subject start ejecting recordings made (eg) in the 50s when those guys were still playing. Eg get rid of Walter's Mahler he made with the then VPO or perhaps Solti's Wagner. This, of course, presents a moral dilemma as both conductors were Jews who had to flee persecution themselves!
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