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Oh good lord I just noticed this should I reply or should I just keep my big Sibelian mouth shut what should I do I'm sweating shaking trembling I can barely breathe ok here goes:

Among Sibelius afficionados, that cycle is considered THE most obscene one available. It is surprising based on Maazel's other fine recordings with Vienna that he would demand so many extreme dynamics and tempos and take so many liberties with this set. If this was the first thing I had ever heard from the Vienna Philharmonic, (which thankfully it isn't), I would probably never buy a Vienna Phil recording again.

Otherwise a fine orchestra, and not just for Johann Strauss.

For a discussion of good Sibelius cycles, you know where to go... :rolleyes:
Interesting. I went to your forum and got the impression there were many fans of the Maazel/VPO cycle.

But as far as VPO goes, I have to admit that they are an orchestra which seems to have the ability to create "landmark" recordings. To whit: Brahms 4 with Kleiber; Bruckner 8 with HvK; Mozart 40 & 41 with Lenny; Death and Transfiguration with Previn; and Sibelius 1 and 5 with Maazel are among my most cherished recordings. BPO is certainly up there for me, but I think I'll side with Weltschmerz just because this group has worked so well with such a diverse group of conductors.
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