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You thought Woodduck was critical LOL. This is priceless

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@Tsaraslondon will love this quote from The Last Prima Donna
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I worry about AI. We are already seeing AI produced music by the likes of Oasis and the Beatles. How long before they turn to the classics and we start to see new symphonies by Beethoven? And will anyone actually know the difference?
I believe we'll know the difference. Or the experts will. And by experts I mean many of us, without academic qualifications but a lifetime of listening to the real thing. AI can't provide soul or suffering, however technically astute.
You can't do much to improve the sound when the problem is what was not captured in the recording, i.e. the fundamental problem being the very restricted frequency and dynamic ranges of early recordings. Anything you do requires making assumptions about what might have been lost which, of course, you can never really know. You can try reducing noise but that isn't possible without the high likelihood of also removing some of what you actually want to keep.
You are quite right, of course,but nevertheless I believe that is where we are heading, and have already begun.
1 - 2 of 25 Posts