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You thought Woodduck was critical LOL. This is priceless

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@Tsaraslondon will love this quote from The Last Prima Donna
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I worry about AI. We are already seeing AI produced music by the likes of Oasis and the Beatles. How long before they turn to the classics and we start to see new symphonies by Beethoven? And will anyone actually know the difference?
Just the other day I was amazed to listen to an AI-produced rendition of Yesterday by Freddie Mercury.

It does sound like his voice, but it doesn't do any of the things that no doubt Mercury would have done, none of his vocal show-off.
And this makes me think that classical music, where variations are more restricted and predictable in the case they occur, is a more fertile ground for this kind of experiment, which, with technology's upgrading, may result in difficult to spot forgeries.
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