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If you were too describe youre life through music and put it all into a soundtrack...what songs would be on them?

Mine would look something like this;

1) Chopin's Etude Revolutionary(for when I am going through something crazy)
2) Shall We Dance form the musical production "The King and I"(for when I am happy)
3) The Phantom of the Opera duet from the musical production The Phantom of the Opera(whenever I think about the Phantom character Erik...which is often) :lol:
4) Come What May the Moulin Rouge version (for when I am in love and sure of it)
5) Your Song(when I have a huge crush or am in love)
6) Tu Lo Sai from and Opera I forget(for when I am depressed)
7) Mein Heir Marquis from the Opera Die Flaudermaus(for when I feel clever enough to get away from something

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Hey! I sang Tu Lo Sai in high school solo and ensemble contest way back when!

But as for the soundtrack of my life ... I'll really need to put some thought into it before I can post anything. It won't all be classical after those college years! ;)

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Good question!

1. Spring (Vivaldi)
2. Pachelbel's Canon
3. Cavatina (Myers)
4. Beethoven's Fifth Symphony
5. Danse Macabre (my favourite song of all time)
6. Caprice No. 13 (Paganini)
7. Andy's Ride (klezmer music from live from the fiddler's house by perlman (great CD (get it)))
8. Meditation from Thais
9. Zapateado
10. Allegro Moderato - Allegro
11. Donza Espanola (Danse Espagnole from "La Vida Breve") by Manuel de Falla

this is up till now. After my audition, it will either be fifth symphony again or Polonaise by Tchaikovsky. I'll tell you later.

Also, I have two questions I've been meaning to ask:

1. What does "BTW" mean?
2. On Perlman's CD Concertos from My Childhood, the title of one of the songs is given (#10 above) and there is no composer for any of the songs on the CD. It says "various" on my iTunes composer section. Does anyone have this CD and can they tell me who composed it or where I can get the sheet music?
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